Black Belt Perfume - Women's

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BLACK BELT®  Perfume is a fragrance of empowerment and enchantment!  The masses have described this aroma as alluring, seductive, passionate, elegant and refined.  It is a timelessly fashionable and invigorating fragrance that exudes self-confidence and sophistication while  portraying the duality of femininity and gentleness.  A luxurious must have for today's woman!  

BLACK BELT® Perfume is a 3.4 ounce (100mL) woody fragrance with floral top and heart notes (72% alcohol by Volume).

          Top notes includeMandarinTunisian Curacou and Bergamot.

          Heart notes includeJasmineRose and Vanilla.     

          Base notes includePatchouliMusk and Vetiver.