Royal Pheonix Dit Da Jow

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Royal Phoenix is a hot energy liniment that was developed for the Wu Tao method of hand training that originated in Northern China. When combined with training, it will develop strong, tough hands and supple wrists.

Great for finger strengthening exercises. It works by generating “FIRE” energy that increases circulation of blood and chi, it builds up the protective Wei Chi that surrounds the skin and draws energy from the Tan Tien to the hand.

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    Royal Phoenix Jow

    Posted by William on 6th May 2018

    Great jow for dantien and palm heart work. Really helps connect the body to the hands. Fajin is super crisp and sharp. I also get the sensation of my hands “shimmering” after I apply the Jow. It's similar to the pulsing at the fingertips or parts of the hand that I associate with heavenly circuit qigong, but it covers the entire hand.

    Unexpectedly it also improves stance work and makes my steps feel like they are penetrating the floor. Maybe this is a side effect of the hands and feet being linked as one of the harmonies.

    The Shaolin Brand formulations changed my expectations for what a jow could do. My prior experience with jows (even ones sold as iron palm formulas) was that they provided a degree of protection and promoted tissue healing. The Shaolin Brand Jows actively and directly grow the hands power and directly improve the hands coordination with the dantien.

    I also appreciate how helpful Shaolin Brand with their guidance on how to use their jow.

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    Fire indeed

    Posted by Brad Warren on 10th Jul 2013

    I am not sure if I believe in " Wei Chi" but I will say that after a week of using it, Royal Phoenix has produced some very obvious changes in my hands. I train solo and cannot be sure that my training methods are 100 percent proper so there is a possibility that I am not even getting the full effect of it. I pour a couple of drops in the palm of one hand and rub it in then repeat until my skin cannot absorb any more and within minutes the backs of my hands and wrists nearly glow with heat though it does not seem to have an effect on my palms at all. Though I would never offer up medical advice I will say that I have noted one additional side effect. I was having some intermittent carpal tunnel syndrome like pains my forearms and sometimes down into my fingers, nothing crippling but definitely problematic. After having used Royal Phoenix I have not had a recurrence of the problem. Overall I am very happy with the results I am getting and my only criticism would be that at twenty dollars a bottle for Jows it is cost prohibitive for me to pursue Iron fist, leg, arm and shirt training all at once as I would like to. I would also like to see a guide for the proper training to use in conjunction with these Jows so that one could obtain the full benefit from them. Bottomline though: You will not be disappointed.

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    HOT jow, healthy hands!

    Posted by Kristian Staev on 4th Mar 2013

    This jow was very warming and almost minty to smell (of cinnamon to my nose), and was instantly felt. Not a repackaging of a similar formula or jow, first hot jow I have used and had only used "earthy" jows before this, and this was unlike anything I had used in smell, heating effect, color and consistency. It penetrated (not to the bone as much as I had felt with earth jows) and really got my circulation speeding and burning inside, coated my skin and made it incredibly smooth, as if shielded, and ignited the feeling of the flow of chi. Prepared my hands well for conditioning and a greater feeling of healing and increase of physical ability of hands as opposed to feeling of bone and muscle becoming denser and heavier. Purges effectively and hands feel healthy. Been using it for four months and still love this great jow!