Stop Energy Leaks Elixir

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 Stop Energy Leaks Formula is designed to stop all energy leaks closing pores to perverse energy.

It speeds hormone production and relieves ching (essence) and yin deficiency. Alleviates dry throat, tinnitus, dizziness, lumbar pain and aching of the knees.


Herbal Supplements:
Made specifically for martial artists, Each of the Shaolin Brand Training Herbal Capsule Formulas, Teas and Wines are made from the finest Chinese wildcrafted herbs, imported directly and then prepared according to traditional Shaolin and Taoist formulas.   Each of the training formulas is priced differently due to their varying ingredients.  All Shaolin Brand formulas are 100% pure herbs, milled from the highest quality.  No fillers, binders or artificial ingredients are added.

Shaolin Brand offers: 17 encapsulated training Formulas,  5 Shaolin Herbal Teas, and  5 Shaolin Herbal Wines.

Directions for Use:

CAPSULES: (Size 00 Capsule, 90 per package)  Take one capsule evenly spaced three times daily with a cup of Shaolin Brand Tea or warm water.

TEAS: (30 bags per box) Pour one cup of boiling water over tea bag and steep five minutes. For stronger tea, steep longer. Each bag may be used 3 times. Drink three cups daily. Add honey or sweetener if desired. Use for 30 days or until the desired result is achieved.

WINES: (1 muslin bag of herbs per container) Place the entire package of herbs (including the muslin bag) into a liquor decanter or glass jar and add one quart of either vodka, brandy or gin.Place the decanter in a dark place and let the wine stand for a minimum of eight weeks. Drinkone ounce daily.

Shaolin Brand Herbal Formulas are available as a nutritional aid and food supplement only and are not intended to be a medical prescription. Consult a physician for medical advice.

Over 2 tons of herbal medicines are dispensed to some 4,000 patients every single day in a typical Chinese Hospital. A number of claims for herbs are made by the Chinese based on thousands of years of experience.

We make no specific endorsements, claims or warranties as to the use and effectiveness of herbs or Shaolin Brand Formulas. The user assumes all risk as the FDA has not approved the use of Chinese Herbs in the USA.

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  • 5
    Stop Energy Leaks Elixir / Great JKD work outs

    Posted by Kevin Long on 11th Jan 2019

    Love this stuff.

  • 5
    Stop Energy Leaks Elixir / Great JKD work outs

    Posted by Kevin Long on 3rd Dec 2018

    Stop Energy Leaks is a great product. Thanks Kevin Long